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Build Facebook video content? Wondering how others can advertise during your videos?

In this article you’ll learn how to use Facebook ad breaks to monetize your Facebook video content. Ad-breaks on Facebook allow you to monetize your Facebook video content.

Ad breaks are short advertisements that are embedded in your qualifying video material at natural breaks (in the form of pre-roll, mid-roll and image adverts). The app has been around for a little over a year and initially users were reluctant to implement it. Already, though, quite a few Facebook accounts are earning 4–5 figures in ad break revenues.

To test the eligibility for ad breaks on your page, go to the google and search ad breaks click on very first link then hover over tools and select “Monetisation Tool Application” Note: Your Facebook account must be logged in while performing these steps. Now Scroll down and you will see all of your pages and you can select any page in your profile to check it’s eligibility.   

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• The page must comply with Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policy, which focuses on community expectations, protection of copyrights, credibility and dedication.

• Living in one of the eligible countries and publishing content in one of the eligible languages; If your country is on the list yet, don’t get discouraged; the list of qualifying countries is rising relatively quickly. Note: In the last month this condition may have been removed from some pages.

• You will publish material (not your personal profile) on your business page; Public paperwork from Facebook states a page will have at least 10,000 followers.

• In the past 60 days, the page must have met one of those milestones: 15,000 commitments; 180,000 minutes viewed across all of the posts; or 30,000 1-minute views of 3-minute+ posts.

• You must be 18 years old or older.

The eligibility test should highlight different areas that should be addressed when moving towards monetization. You can need to focus on a plan, for example, to maximize video views. Scroll down to the bottom of this article for tips to help you attain Facebook ad break eligibility.

Facebook lets you pick page or video level ad break placement. You may render this option in monetization settings, or later in monetization settings.

• Allow Facebook to automatically insert ads where your content has a normal 1- to 2-second (recommended) pause.

• Manually track where ad breaks are added on Facebook. With this alternative the best practice is to check the box that allows Facebook to change the ad break point by 10 seconds. This will maximize the experience of your spectators.

• If you opted for a page-level monetization option, each video you post on Facebook would automatically go through the review phase of the content. This analysis starts at the time your video is released. Although the video is still in the evaluation process, you can only gain minimal revenue.

•Facebook first rates best-performing (or higher “velocity”) videos and evaluates success by number of views in the first minutes following the release of the video; A video that gets 25 views in the first 10 minutes is called high velocity.

This video would be given a higher priority than a video that takes 30 minutes to get the same 25 views.

•The evaluation process can take up to 48 hours but is normally much quicker. The status of each video appears on the tab Ad Breaks.

• After reviewing the video, the status will change to one of the icons shown below. If your video is flagged as “Limited / No Monetization,” you’ll have a chance to make a one-time appeal.

• Note not all 3-minute videos qualify for monetization. Research the content monetization policies of Facebook carefully, and integrate them into the video plan.

Begin with a clear description of your niche and viewer identity, and think about ways to influence people, elicit emotions, and solve video content problems.

Earn Money Online From Facebook

Build a storyboard once you’ve established a theme and a style. Be sure to have the hook within the video’s first 3–5 minutes. Incorporate even branded / personal fast, fun intros in every of your videos.

Often provide a call for action but be careful with the bait for interaction (inciting people to click, share, or like your post). Minimize the use of text for video thumbnails, if you want to improve your content.

Remove videos with a static image, a text overlay slide, or looping clips. Create videos capturing motion, screenshare, or live interaction. Everything you need to get started is a smartphone, a simple tripod and a basic video editing app to make monetizable Facebook videos.

Create Original Facebook Videos Protecting creator rights is one of the top goals of Facebook. The site does not allow monetization of shared videos or videos that are repurposed from other sites (e.g. downloaded from YouTube).

Create original content that is compatible with the audience and their core concerns. Notice that if you buy a video or use Creative Commons licensed apps, you are at risk of breaching Facebook’s Content Monetization Policy.

You can partner on YouTube with the maker of a viral video as long as you share the payout for credit and monetisation. Most common video formats are expressly referred to by Facebook as unavailable for monetisation.

To show your Facebook Creator Studio video stats, click on the Monetisation tab and then on Insights. You may note that views on Facebook are much higher than views on YouTube; this is due to the viral features built-in to Facebook. If you’re making entertaining video content that people want to share, you’ll get credit for minutes watched.

The Insights tab will highlight your top-earning videos, 3-minute + videos rate, and more.

Two factors depend on your payout: • Ad CPM (cost per thousand) • Add impressions

Earn Money Online

Whilst ad impressions are guided by views of 1 minute, they are not the same. Even if your video is accepted for monetization, one-minute views coming from disqualified countries won’t get monetized; thus, these are not included in your ad impression.

The CPM also specifies the geographic location of the 1-minute views. It’s usually higher when audiences are in the U.S. ($2–$3) and lower when they are in Southeast Asia ($1 or lower).

2 Using this formula to calculate how much you will be paid: (Ad Impressions x Ad CPM) / 1,000 = $Earnings For example, if you have 9000 ad impressions and a $3.25 ad CPM, your earnings are $2.95

Earn Money Online

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