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Build Facebook video content? Wondering how others can advertise during your videos?

Here you’ll learn how to use Facebook ad breaks to monetize your Facebook video content. Ad-breaks on Facebook allow you to monetize your Facebook video content.

Ad breaks are short advertisements that are embedded in your qualifying video material at natural breaks (in the form of pre-roll, mid-roll and image adverts).

The app has been around for a little over a year and initially users were reluctant to implement it.

Already, though, quite a few Facebook accounts are earning 4–5 figures in ad break revenues.

Now with awareness more and more people are joining and earning from Facebook Ad-breaks Platform.

How to Test Page Eligibility?

To test the eligibility for ad breaks on your page, go to the google and search ad breaks.

Click the top link.

how to earn online

After Clicking the first link Hover over tools section and select Monetisation Tool Application(MTA)

Note: Your Facebook account must be logged in while performing these steps.

how to earn online from fb

Now Scroll down and you will see all of your pages and you can select any page in your profile to check it’s eligibility. 

Click On In-Stream drop-down and there you will see all the requirements that need to be fulfill for making your page monetisation eligible .

how to earn online from home

The page must comply with Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policy, which focuses on community expectations, protection of copyrights, credibility and dedication.

Living in one of the eligible countries and publishing content in one of the eligible languages.

If your country is on the list yet, don’t get discouraged, the list of qualifying countries is rising relatively quickly.

Note: In the last month this condition may have been removed from some pages.

Is it an easy Task?

No, let us tell you very clearly that getting a full green ready to make earning page is not a piece of cake. 

Specially we few people knew about it that’s why people are not very much aware of the Facebook rules and that’s why make blunders in page setup that leads toward page monetization rejection.

What Do We Provide?

We have an expert team that are working on Facebook In-Stream and know exactly what and how to do all the required tasks.

Pages made by our team get monetization approvals because we consider all the rules and don’t skip a single one

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Eligibility Issues

If your Pager is not eligible we will give our services to make it eligible.

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